Justin Bieber Takes Multiple Selfies While Strolling The Beach

Say cheese! On Friday Justin Bieber was caught taking selfie after selfie while on a beach in Hawaii

So over the past few days a ton of pictures of Bieber strolling a Hawaii beach have surfaced and let’s just say, he took a shit ton of selfies. I mean over and over again. No man loves himself more than Bieber does.

Justin was seen strutting around showing off his muscles, and wearing compression capri pant things? Basically homeboy wore leggings to the beach. I don’t understand that move unless he has some more weird tattoos that he is trying to cover up. Although I can’t imagine that because he loves to show off his gross sleeves that don’t make any sense.

I do think that we can all admit one thing, those Calvin advertisements. Well they were doctored certain areas for sure, you can take that however you’d like.

He didn't stop: The 21-year-old Baby hit maker sat shirtless on the shore all by himself

The reclining pose: The Canadian tried to get every angle as he showed off his chest tattoos

More to love: Justin flaunted even mor eof himself after removing his board shorts to reveal a pair of very form-fitting wet-suit leggings

Little hidden here: The 21-year-old Baby crooner showed off all his above-the-waist tattoos

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