Carrie Underwood Slays At The CMT Awards!

So I am pretty sure that Carrie Underwood is an angel, like almost 100 percent sure. She is just absolutely perfect, and I don’t throw that perfect word around too much. She is smart, talented, and absolutely stunning! My god I wish I could be her just for a day!

Last night she showed up at the CMT Awards, her first awards show since her baby was born and she slayed the red carpet. Look at her. She just gave birth and damn she looks incredible! Of course her hot hockey husband was on her arm too, nothing like a hot man for an accessory. She also took home the three awards that she was nominated for, and performed.

Carrie is back and I am ready to hear her new music. Who says you can’t be a mom and be absolutely fabulous as well?

Also I love her layered haircut, it is perfect.

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