Check Out Floyd Mayweather’s Leaked Texts To Ex Shantel Jackson!

Let me just start out by saying this, I flat out don’t like Floyd Mayweather. I find it disgusting that someone who is a professional boxer, potentially one of the all time greatest, has beat a woman. Alright has allegedly beat women. If you are a man and hit women you are a piece of shit, end of story. If you are a professional boxer and hit a woman? You are a fucking monster and deserved to be stripped of your title.

Anyway, take a look at what this big tough man texted his now ex Shantel Jackson.


The picture above is referring to a picture with the rapper Nelly who she is currently dating.





Mayweather is nothing but a fucking joke, I will say it. People can get mad at me all they want but look at him being a controlling little bitch of an ex-boyfriend. Was someone hurt because Nelly is hotter than they are? Looks like it.

I am curious how Mayweather even let these texts get leaked to the public because he has more money than God. He could have put a stop to all of this stuff. Maybe he thought it would make him look sensitive? Nah bro, just makes you look like even more of a little bitch.

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