Man Crush Monday: Dwayne Johnson

So I am about 300% sure that Dwayne Johnson is my perfect man. He is tall, has muscles for days, and a smile that could light up Times Square. He can do comedy, drama, and action movies, and he was a wrestler. Clearly Dwayne knows what is going on.

The movie ‘Fast 7’ which he stars in just passed the 1 billion dollar mark, so I figured I might as well give Dwayne a shout out on this one. I actually saw the movie, and even though he wasn’t in it much, he played a pretty big badass. Fun fact he also eats about 800 pounds of Cod a year, and has been told he is the reason for the shortage. Dwayne I love Cod and I love you, so I think that we should be together.

Anyway, you keep wearing those tight shirts, showing off those muscles, and I will keep watching you do your thing!

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