Jessa (Duggard) Seewald Is Pregnant!

Jessa Duggar Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Husband Ben Seewald

My favorite cult like family is getting another member!

No surprise here right? I mean the Duggard’s don’t believe in contraception and Ben is a complete babe. Good for you Jessa! You nailed a good looking guy right there. I mean when you don’t have your first kiss until your wedding day, I feel like there are a lot of hormones that just all come at once, no one knows how to deal with them! Well clearly you go at it like rabbits and get pregnant like five months after marriage.

Let’s just take a seat though, Ben is only 19, holy shit. Ben is still a kid himself! Good for him for marrying an older woman though since Jessa is 22, an old maid if you ask me!

They will probably have 10 kids, then adopt a few more like they want to.

Nothing but well wishes for the family! Maybe one day the Duggards will rule the world.

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