Hilary Duff Dyes Her Hair Pink, Purple, and Silver

So I feel like it is 2004 again talking about Hilary Duff but somehow she managed to become relevant again. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved “Lizzie McGuire” but I was always jealous of this chick. I mean she dated Aaron Carter and she dated Frankie Muniz! Leave some of the early 2000 hotties for me Hilary!

Alright, look at this hair though, what is she doing? What does she think she is doing with this crazy hair? She just had that aqua hair that Kylie Jenner has, or had, I can’t keep track. Now she is going all buckwild with this hair? I mean I get it Hilary you are excited to be back in the limelight, but then again I don’t get it. Why? Why you gotta play these games with your hair color? Go back to being blonde, like how I remember you!

Congrats on being relevant again, I don’t know how you did it, yet I am proud of you. I have no reason to be proud, but I am.

Please go back to blonde, do it for the children.

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