Watch First Look Clips of Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast!

Looks like Comedy Central knows that they have a real hit on their hands because everyone wants to roast Bieber. Everyone wants to watch one of the most annoying kids in history get absolutely ridiculed. Now does that make us terrible people? Maybe, but that is alright. Everyone knows that Bieber is an absolute asshole, so there is really no fixing him, right? I mean everyone can see that this is nothing more than a terrible PR stunt. I don’t think anyone thinks that Justin is being genuine about becoming a better person. He just knows that his career is on a fucking down hill avalanche, taking out everything that he ever worked for.

There have already been a bunch of jokes released and it will probably be hilarious. I mean, I am ready to watch Bieber sit there with that stupid smile on his face. I can imagine that he will take it all in stride though, unlike Trump who sat there looking like a sour puss.

I am curious why he wanted to get roasted though. I know that he said to put it behind him, but there is much more than that. I always thought that people with not much career left got roasted, just a heads up Bieber.

Anyway, here is a clip! Can’t wait to watch!

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