Did Patrick Schwarzenegger Really Cheat On Miley Cyrus?


So this picture was posted on TMZ, and apparently it was taken when good ol Patrick Schwarzy went down to Cabo and partied for spring break. That is where this picture was taken, stupid Patrick.

Now, Patrick did go on the defense and say that the girl in this photo is one of his best girlfriends, let’s be real. Let’s just sit here for a second and look at this picture. Sure his body posture is a bit stiff, but her posture is all about him. That drunk loving gaze that usually happens just before the house lights turn on at a bar. That is the look she is throwing his way.

Poor little Miley, she got cheated on by Liam, now Patrick. It just doesn’t make sense. Miley is fucking amazing, stop cheating on her! Or stop allegedly cheating on her, let me put it that way.

Take a look at these pictures and let me know what you think!

What’s a body shot between friends, right?

So there are the pictures all courtesy of TMZ. I will say that she looks more into than he does, but I guess we will never know. Again, Patrick has tweeted that he didn’t cheat and that he would never do anything to hurt Miley. It all just looks a little bit suspicious to me.

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