Man Crush Monday: Ryan Phillippe

Whenever I think of Ryan Phillippe I think of him as a fine glass of wine because let’s be honest, he just keeps getting better with age. I mean back in his Cruel Intentions days he was hot, he was a certified babe but now, now he is just straight up gorgeous. I like to think that he and Justin Timberlake looked a lot alike back in the day, but Ryan aged much better than Justin. Yeah, I said it.

You know I am a big Reese fan and everyone is aware that there were reports that he was cheating on her during the set of Stop-Loss, which were most likely true since he ended up dating his co-star Abbie Cornish but look at him, so hot. He has been linked to a bunch of different celebrities since his high profile break up but he always remains quiet about his personal life.

With his blue eyes, curly hair, and those pouty lips he deserves a spot right on the top of sexiest men ever list. His new show Secrets and Lies looks like it will be a good one too!

Happy Monday!

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