The Teen Mom OG Official Trailer Has Been Released!

Have you ever watched something and immediately knew that it was going to be a perfect train wreck. That is how I feel whenever I watch Teen Mom, a show I personally love. I know that everyone hates that MTV kind of exploits teen pregnancy, but whatever, I love it. I have no right to say what is wrong or what is right. So keep on showing it MTV! If you think it works, I am all for it!

One thing I cannot wait for is for Farrah to be back. Farrah is the gift that keeps on giving, except after you get her gift you may need a shot of penicillin. I just can’t wait until the reunion, I know that is probably far away, but I don’t care. Maci clearly isn’t a fan of her, I know that Tyler and Caitlyn have battled with her. She is so disgusting! I can’t even deal with it.

I am beyond ready for this though. It is about time they realized everyone would rather the original girls over the girls now. Poor Leah has like 9 kids now, Jenelle is just Jenelle, then there is Kailynn who has a hot husband but is meant to him, then finally Chelsea who is the most well rounded because her dad is loaded.

Bring on Teen Mom OG, I am ready!

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