Happy 40th Birthday Brian Littrell!

Happy birthday to my favorite boy band member of all time!

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you think, wow I am getting old? Now, I am only 23 but know how old Brian Littrell was when I first started to have my crush on him? He was only 23 years old, now he is 40 and still a fox. I mean that jawline was carved from the finest stone, his blue eyes, amazing singing voice. I just love him, don’t even feel weird saying that. Even with his hair thinning, I really don’t care.

People can hate on the Backstreet Boys, they can say that they are nothing but old guys who are holding onto a dream but you know what? The Backstreet Boys could out dance and out sing any boy band that is out there right now. Yeah, I said it!

Back to the man of the hour though, Brian. Happy birthday to you sir, you deserve all of the love you get. After watching ‘Show Em What You’re Made Of’ I have to say that I only gained more respect for him and the rest of the band.

Let’s take a look at B-Rok over the years!

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