Super Bowl Champ Brandon Browner Rips Kanye West After Grammy Antics


I know people are probably sick about hearing how Kanye West went on a rampage at the Grammys on Sunday. People probably don’t want to read about it anymore since it happened three days ago. Well you know what? People are finally starting to talk about what happened.Everyone seems to be real sick of all of Kanye’s shit.

Patriots player Brandon Browner decided to go on Twitter and talk about what he thought of the whole thing. Well let’s just say he said what everyone else was thinking. Kanye West is a sucka. Yup! I personally love his music, but I can’t stand anything he does other than music. He could be speaking and I turn my television on mute.

Let’s be real there is no way that Kanye would ever rush the stage for anyone like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, or Usher, all of these people I believe would hit Kanye West. Let’s be real, Kanye is just being a bully at this point.

Someone needs to put Yeezus in his place and it looks like Brandon Browner is willing to do the job!

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