All Time Low Singer Slams ”Double Standard” of Grammys’ Domestic Violence Awareness & Chris Brown’s Attendance

Chris Brown, Alex Gaskarth

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So before I get into my Kanye like rant that I am about to get into, here is the exchange between Alexander Gaskarth and Chris Brown after the Grammy Awards did a piece of domestic violence awareness.

Chris Brown, Deleted Tweet, Twitter

I mean I believe that Alexander was just saying what every single person watching was thinking, right? Well maybe not every single person, but a decent amount of people. Why is Chris Brown allowed back at the Grammys? Why is he allowed be making music still? I understand that people think that all should be forgiven because Rihanna forgave him but it isn’t that simple. Chris Brown is a horrible person. I am ready for him for him to ask me about the pearly gates, but I don’t need to answer to that. What matters is what you do as a person while you still have time on this earth.

This is going to be a rant, please be prepared, you have been given warning.

Chris Brown is one of the worst celebrities I have ever witnessed in my 23 years on this planet. I don’t know if there have been worse before him, I am just saying from where I see it. I am sitting here watching as he is put in jail, taken out of jail, all of that shit. He is constantly in and out of trouble. He is throwing up gang signs, gun shots are ringing out while he is performing. He hasn’t learned.

A lot of people believe that he deserves to be forgiven, and I don’t think that. When you watch his apology video he doesn’t seem like he means it. Chris talks about how he respects women now but while he was away in rehab he threw a brick through his mom’s car window. He is constantly tweeting about his on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran about how she is a whore, and other disgusting things.

I am not sure if people know this but Chris was basically banned from the Grammy’s for three years I believe since he wasn’t allowed to be near Rihanna for that long. The year he was allowed back the show let him perform twice, and he won a Grammy. What kind of message is that saying? It isn’t like he even really had to pay for these crimes.

I am on the same page as Alex though, what are we showing people if you can attend an award show that is opening up about domestic abuse, but have a famed abuser sitting in the fifth row and being nominated. Grammys this wasn’t a good look but I don’t think you guys care. Actually it is pretty obvious that you do not care at all.

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