Magic Mike XXL Trailer Has Been Released!

I think that I can speak for almost every woman on the planet when I say, YUUUS! I am beyond ready for this movie and I have been since I first heard about it. Unlike most people I actually liked the storyline that happened in the first film. I thought it was cool to see how drugs could take over a person’s entire being, and Channing Tatum wasn’t bad to look at either. Apparently this one is more about the stripping though, like more scenes, I can roll with that!

So watching this trailer got me all excited, I assume it is how all of those middle aged women reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ felt! Channing Tatum dancing always does it for me. I like most women in their 20’s have loved him since ‘Step Up’ and whenever he dances, it makes me feel some type of way.Also there will be more Joe Manganiello, who I may love as much as I love Channing, yup I said it!

I must add, is there a sexier song than ‘Pony’? I really don’t think there is.

Enjoy watching and let me know what you think about the first trailer!

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