Rihanna Releases Music Video For FourFiveSeconds!

Know who I love? Rihanna. Know who else I love? Kanye. Know who else I love? Paul McCartney. Three artists I truly love and respect all on one song? Alright, I can roll with that!

A lot of people have been hating on this song because of Kanye’s singing and I can see why people wouldn’t like it. Judging by the new music Kanye has been releasing we are in store for something very different. Then there is the perfect Rihanna. I am a fan of everything that Barbadian beauty does, other than dating Chris Brown. Everything other than that though, she is perfect. Her looks, her voice, her tattoos, love ’em!

You know people have been making a huge deal about Paul helping Kanye out so much with new music, in fact producing Kanye’s new album. Those haters must not remember that Elton John helped him produce an album before too, and it was incredible.

I truly believe that Kanye and Rihanna should make an entire album together, I have always love them together. Instead of Watch The Throne with Jay-Z he should have made an album with Rihanna. Just sayin!

Alright, anyway I love that they are doing more raw vocals, well Rihanna is. It just proves that she can actually sing.

Little side note, Kanye singing about the sun shining with a straight mean mug face, easily my favorite part of the entire thing.

Rihanna’s new album needs to come out like right now, do you agree?

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