Man Crush Monday: Julian Edelman

As many people know last night the New England Patriots took home the Lombardi trophy, beating the Seattle Seahawks in a nail biting game. Know who was one of the biggest reasons that they won? This man right here. This beautiful man Julian Edelman. Maybe I am a bit bias because I am a Patriots fan but Edelman is the hottest guy in the league, hands down. I mean he looks like David Beckham, dayum!

Back in September I said that Julian was the hottest player in the league ( and I stand by my choice! Julian may be a little guy, but he is hot as hell.

Julian is coming in hot at 5’10” weighing 198, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and being only 28! Yeah he has a lot of hot years ahead of him and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!

I am very aware that not many people are big fans of the Patriots, which I understand. I wouldn’t be a fan of a team that was constantly the best either. I mean for a while I hated the Yankees, so I understand. But let’s put aside out differences and just look at this beautiful man and appreciate his face.Okay?

Happy Man Crush Monday!!

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