Chelsea Handler Posts Topless Photo On Instagram

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One of the many things that I love about Chelsea Handler is that she seriously doesn’t give a fuck. She is one of those people who will do things to push the envelope and that is why I love her. Chelsea is a no holds bars type of person, one that actually says what is on her mind. She admitted that she left her show because E! told her to start being nicer to guests. She did that for a while then clearly she just got bored with it all. She loves making fun of the Kardashians and being on their network was clearly cramping her style.

A lot of people are probably just thinking she posted this photo for attention, which was probably some of it but it is also a big middle finger to Instagram. She has been in a war with them about showing topless photos. Many of her pictures have been removed and she doesn’t understand why. I meant I don’t fully understand why either. I have seen some pretty racy male photos but their shit doesn’t get taken down.

Keep posting those pictures Chelsea! Free the tatas!

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