Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer Cozy Up at SAG Party!

sophia bush shares hot shirtless pic of beau jesse lee soffer 01

Ain’t no party like a SAG award party because the SAG award parties don’t stop! No reason for that opening, just wanted to use it.

These two are totally dating right? I mean come on, look at their body language. She is all leaning into him, but he looks kind of stiff, so maybe he is nervous? Whatever, I think that these two are dating and are trying to keep a very low profile on it. There are a few reasons why, Sophia is known for dating costars and well Jesse is her costar. I guess there is really only one reason why they would want to keep their relationship on the low down.

I would personally be a big fan of this couple becoming a thing. Well becoming a more public thing. Sophia Bush is basically my ultimate girl crush, she is right up there with Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling. Those are my top three just in case you were wondering. Jesse kind of looks like Zac Efron’s hot cousin or something, so that is something I am into.

For the record I bet these two danced the night away then went back to their hotel and stayed in separate rooms. No I am totally kidding. If you have watched ‘Chicago PD’ at all you are very aware of their chemistry, that is the kind of shit you just can’t fake!

Just a few other cute pictures of this maybe couple.

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