TLC Starts A Kickstart Campaign For New Album!

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Now listen, I really love TLC, I mean that too. I know all the words to ‘No Scrubs’ rap included, ‘Waterfalls’, rap included, can’t go wrong with ‘Creep’ either. Alright so I really love their popular music but I am willing to listen to all of their other music without complaining as well.

The other day I saw an article that Katy Perry had donated 5,000 to this Kickstart campaign for their new album and I had some different thoughts about the idea of a Kickstar campaign. So this band with the remaining members were one of the biggest girl groups on the planet, right? Why do they need a Kickstart campaign? Do they not have the money anymore? Can they not get signed to a major label anymore? It just confused me greatly. I am happy that they are coming back and everything, don’t get me wrong!

I do hope that they come out with some real amazing material, modern hip hop is missing these guys. Of course not having Left Eye is a kick in the face but hey, her spirit lives on! Maybe they have some unreleased material. Imagine if they did that? Just dropping singles that still have Left Eye in them because they didn’t release all of her material. That would be INCREDIBLE!

Obviously they will reach their goal of 150,000 , within 24 hours they have already got up to 106,193 and the number keeps growing by the second.

If you would like to donate here is the link!

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