Lil’ Wayne Releases New Mixtape ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2’

Sorry 4 the Wait 2

Lil Wayne is back with another mixtape, a long awaited mixtape if you ask me! Honestly, his mixtapes entitled ‘Sorry 4 The Wait ‘ and ‘No Ceilings’ were some of my favorites. This one isn’t really my favorite, I don’t like Wayne’s voice at all. I feel like there is way too much autotune so it just kind of sucks. There is one song called ‘No Type’ which is honestly the only song I like on the entire mixtape.

I don’t think Wayne has it anymore, but people will always love him! So I really don’t matter at all!

So go and give it a listen then let me know what you are thinking!

1. “CoCo”
2. “Sh!t”
3. “Trap House”
4. “Selsun Blue”
5. “Used to” feat. Drake
6. “No Type”
7. “Fingers Hurting”
8. “Hot Ni**a”
9. “HolyWeezy”
10. “Drunk in Love”
11. “U Guessed It”
12. “Try Me” feat. Mack Maine
13. “Preach” feat. 2 Chainz
14. “Alphabet”
15. “No Haters”
16. “Admit It” feat. SNL
17. “Dreams and Nightmares”

Here is a link!

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