Justin Bieber is Getting Roasted By Comedy Central!

Word on the street is that Justin Bieber is getting roasted on his 21st birthday and it was all his idea. According to different sources Bieber has wanted to be roasted for a while now, but apparently he didn’t have enough to work with. Now, now is a different story. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past year and a half Bieber now has a lot to work with. Imagine if that was his plan all along? He had to do dumb shit, just so he could get made fun of on a roast, that would be kind of perfect.

This is all apparently going down on March 1st, but I do have a few questions. For the James Franco roast, I feel like they went a bit soft on him. I don’t want that shit for this roast. They need all the greats to just rip Bieber apart. That is what I want to see, clearly Comedy Central is aware of the ratings that are going to come from this roast too. Plus the millions of Beliebers crying about how people need to stop being mean to Justin because the don’t understand what a roast is.

I am confused though because I always thought that a roast was for people at the end of their career, just wanting to revive it for a reality show or something. Isn’t it a little bit soon to play your own roast? Comedy Central didn’t contact him like they usually do, no instead he begged and pleaded to make this happen.

Here is a list of things the roasters can focus on

-bleached hair

-arrest in Miami

-leaving a brothel in Brazil

-terrible music

-thinking he is black

-the selena on and off again mess

-egging his neighbors house

-being forced to move because of egging the house

-that time he tried to attack a paparazzi in France and everyone made hilarious memes of it.

I do think the best joke would be not having any real comedians want to take a crack at Biebs because he isn’t worth their time.

Please, please don’t let Jaden Smith go up there and try and roast Bieber. You know he will be there though which really sucks.

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