Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Are Expecting Their First Child Together!


Now I am not sure if I 100 percent believe this story, it is simply because US Weekly is the magazine that has reported everything and said that it was confirmed by the couple, which I don’t believe. There is no way these guys would go to US Weekly out of all the magazines first, that is something I am sure of! They have some class, so it would be People magazine,

Honestly, I am happy for this couple, for a while I was assuming divorce simply because they were never spotted together. I mean never, she didn’t go to award shows with him, she didn’t go to his concerts. Let’s be real if any of us readers were married to JT we would be glued to his hip. Even if it was doing dance moves I would be next to him just watching him, staring, loving him.

This is a big year for celebrity babies, I mean Ashton and Mila had their baby, Ryan and Blake are expecting, and now Justin and Jessica, looks like we have a new generation of superstars in the making.

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