Man Crush Monday: Ben Affleck

I do believe that Ben Affleck is one of those guys who only gets hotter with age. When he was a bit younger, you know when he was in “Gigli” and in “Dare Devil” I was never a big fan of him. I didn’t think he could act and I thought he had a big head. Not that he had a big ego or anything, literally just a big ass head. Then he grew up a bit and I saw him in “The Town” and damn, he aged nicely. Like a fine wine some may say.

Let’s be real though, Ben Affleck has slowly become one of the best actors that are around, not only is he an actor though, he directs as well. I think he got some acting tips from his good friend Matt Damon though, not that I could blame him, Matt is incredibly talented as well. After he won his Oscar though, I think that everyone has realized that Ben is the real deal. Plus he is married with three kids, how adorable is that? He seems to really love Jen too, also adorable.

With the movie “Gone Girl” absolutely blowing up this past weekend and him being Batman in the next movie, how could he go wrong? I am ready to see him full frontal in “Gone Girl” I will admit that!

So Ben you keep on aging like fine wine and I will keep on seeing your movies! Do we have a deal?

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