Nick Jonas Flaunts Off His Abs In New Flaunt Magazine Spread

GOD DAMN NICK JONAS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME!! Really though, look at this man, puberty hit Nick Jonas like a fucking truck and I mean that the best possible way. People are saying that this is too sexual, I am calling you a moron because he is clearly just redoing the whole Marky Mark pose from back in the day. If you don’t know what that picture is then I suggest you Google that shit right now.

I am starting to really fall in love with Nick Jonas though, like really, really. Look at him. Those muscles, those little brown eyes, little pouty lips, I am all about it. I actually really like his new music too which I wasn’t expecting at all. Maybe people will realize that he is super talented and he is so good looking.

I want to blow up these pictures and have them forever.

Nick Jonas, so hot. Nick Jonas.

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