Sophia Bush Stands Up To Violent Stalker

Sophia Bush is taking a stand against an “obsessive” stalker who has spent months harassing both her and her fans.

On Tuesday, the 32-year-old actress shared a collage of more than 500 screenshots of the stalker’s comments on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“For the past few months I have been harassed to the point of sheer horror by an online stalker. This person has taken to harassing and bullying many of my followers as well. And tonight I finally said fuck this shit,” the “Chicago P.D.” star wrote along with the photo.

Bush explained that the 500 screenshots were just a “tiny sampling” of the harassment she’s endured over the last three months, and she’s sharing it because she’s had enough. (

Sophia also wrote out a long message to her fans about this issue on her website, posted below.

“For the past few months I have been harassed to the point of sheer horror by an online stalker. This person has taken to harassing and bullying many of my followers as well. And tonight I finally said fuck this shit. This is what I posted to twitter. The photograph is a tiny sampling of over 500 screenshots I’ve taken in the last three months. And I’m sharing it here to make something very clear. This kind of behavior does. Not. Fly. You do not have permission to hide. Not anymore: This has gotten beyond out of hand. Obsessive. Violent. And legally punishable. To any of you who’ve been targeted by @SophhiaBush, I’m so sorry. I’m sure he/she will be blocked again soon, only to create another account. We’re close to 20 now. And law enforcement says “we’re on it,” and “don’t acknowledge this person,” but when this person, this vitriolic perverse monster is targeting all of you? Threatening rape, gang rape, & throat slitting to name a few? Impersonating me and breaking some of your hearts? Telling people they should kill themselves, and detailing how? Nope. No silence. As the evidence of staking and harassment mounts, so does my anger. Because this is grotesque. And on the other side, my sadness mounts as well. What happened to you, you poor lost soul, that this is how you find pleasure? That you need to attempt to destroy little bits of other people to build yourself up, bit by bit? Who in your life hurt you? Who made you need to act out like this? Because my god I feel so sorry for you. But my sorrow in the face of your pain is no match for my anger at the pain you are causing others. You do not have the right to spread poison because you have felt poisoned. It’s a small minded and ugly path to take. Choosing to inflict pain doesn’t make you strong or powerful. It only proves your weakness and self-loathing. All the time you’re taking to verbally harass us, threaten physical assault, and terrorize strangers? Please start spending it in therapy and learn to love yourself. You deserve it. And because none of us deserve one more moment of your bullying bullshit. #gethelp #bullyingisugly #violenceisntfunny #thereisabetterway”

You know what I have to say about this? Bravo Sophia Bush for taking a stand when something is going wrong. There are many celebrities who get harassed and bullied online by obsessive fans, haters, or whoever but few actually do anything about it. The fact that this fucker was saying he wanted to “gang rape” and “slit her throat” is absolutely insane. There is no need for such threats. If you don’t like a celebrity, simply don’t follow them on social media. That would be the normal thing to do.

I just have to say that the way that Sophia Bush handled this was absolutely graceful. She also sent out tweets to some of her fans that had been targeted by this stalker as well, apologizing for his actions. Isn’t that so crazy? An actress of her caliber actually took the time to look through her mentions and decided to apologize for this psychotic person’s actions. That takes a lot of heart to do such a thing.

Hopefully this person will be caught and Sophia will never have to deal with them again. Also if you are fan be sure to check out Chicago PD tonight at 10 on NBC!

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