Michael Phelps Gets Charges With DUI

Michael Phelps Arrested for DUI, Says He's 'Deeply Sorry'

Last night well early morning Michael Phelps was pulled over in Baltimore for going 85 in a 45 and for crossing over the double lines in the road. Is anyone really surprised by this though? Michael Phelps is basically an Olympic hero since he won a ton of medals and broke records, but what can he do now? I don’t believe he will be swimming in the next summer Olympics, his career is super over.

Of course Phelps is going to be drinking like crazy now, what else does he have? He will probably end up doing commentary at the next Olympics but he wont be swimming and living his life in the water! He will just be there talking about how some people had taken his spot in the swimming lanes.

Phelps, I understand why you are drinking heavily but don’t drive!

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