Amanda Bynes Arrested On DUI Charge

Guess who’s back, back again, Amanda’s back, tell a friend! I guess all good things do have to come to an end at some point. For a while Amanda has been doing extremely well, living with her parent’s staying out of trouble, just being a good girl. This past month though her conservator ship had ran out and so did Amanda. According to the sources over at TMZ she moved into a Hollywood apartment and is now back to smoking her weed and off of her medication. Now we don’t know if any of that is true so allegedly that is what is going on for Ms. Bynes.

According to other reports she was under the influence of Adderal while she just decided to park her car right in the middle of an intersection at three in the morning. Maybe she was just being extra careful and looking both ways as she went through the actual four way. That could make sense, right? She could be in a bit of trouble though since she is still under probation due to her previous arrest in 2012.

Listen I don’t want to sit here and mock Amanda, she obviously has some of her own personal problems going on and she needs to deal with them. I am just saying that if she gets back on Twitter and starts to talk about how she hates Drake, thinks that Rihanna is ugly, and tells Mac Miller to jump on her cock, I wont be mad. Those were my favorite Twitter moments of all time, just praying she would tweet me back!


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