Man Crush Monday: Ansel Elgort

I have some ideas that Ansel Elgort is going to be one of the biggest actors within the next five years. I like to think that for leading men it will be between him, Logan Lerman, and Miles Teller, just wait and see. For a while I have found Ansel pretty adorable but lately there has been a lot more press on him and well I am liking what I see. He seems like such a down to earth guy plus he killed it in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ plus his new movie ‘Men, Women, and Children’ looks like it will be incredible as well.

Just so you all know Ansel is a solid 20 years old so he is totally legal which makes this post not completely creepy, only slightly.

If you look at those little doe eyes, pouty lips, and perfect nose and you don’t swoon, I don’t understand you at all!

Hope you have a great Monday and Ansel put a smile on your face!

PS. Remember what I said about him being one of the biggest male leads within the next five years, it is going to happen. He can do drama, comedy, and he even did an action movie, so yeah he can do it all..


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