Oops, Justin Bieber Got Arrested Again For Dangerous Driving & Assault


Justin Bieber got arrested in Canada after a crashing his ATV into a minivan driven by paparazzi … TMZ has learned — and he now faces charges of dangerous driving and assault.

Bieber was taken into custody Friday afternoon in Perth County, Ontario. Police say there was a physical altercation between Justin and a paparazzo in the minivan … after they had the collision.

Justin was photographed riding the ATV with Selena Gomez Friday in Ontario near his father’s home.
Police say Justin was released and will have to appear in court later this month.

He could have a bigger problem on his hands though — Justin is on probation for 2 years after the egging case in L.A. So, it’s possible this arrest could trigger a violation.

Justin’s attorney says Justin and Selena are fully cooperating with the police investigation. 

Another day, another Bieber story making the headlines. When I first read this I just assumed that the minivan was full of a happy Canadian family so I felt bad. I really thought that Bieber attacked some poor father in front of her daughter or something. Then I heard that the car was full of paparazzi which just kind of sucks. I mean Bieber was probably driving fast and not paying attention, or trying to get away from the photographers, then got pissed when he hit them. Probably started to really yell and took a swing because he can’t control his anger.
I guess there is a part of me that would understand Bieber getting angry at a paparazzi but then again he shouldn’t be fighting people considering he has already got himself into trouble. Am I sticking up for Beiber? Nope. I need to hear both sides of this story!
By the way, Selena you are looking real dumb.

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