What Do You Think Of Nicki Minaj’s Video For ‘Anaconda’?

Well shit, that is all I can say about this music video. I mean this is some aggressive ass shaking dancing in this music video and I am jealous. Sure people are going to go and say that it is trashy which it is but who cares! Nicki Minaj is back people! She is done trying to be a singer, her rapping is where it is at! Do I love the song? No, I do not love it what so ever but it is catchy as shit. If you use a ‘Baby Got Back’ sample then you basically have the catchiest song in the entire world.

I hope that the rest of her album is going to be catchy like this because her being a singer just wasn’t cutting it for me. I also love the Drake cameo, it means that they are cool again! Maybe they can team up for some incredible songs again.

Minaj you keep shaking that ass and singing about it because that is what you do! Don’t change a thing!

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