’19 Kids & Counting’ Star Jessa Duggard is Engaged To Ben Seewald!


Most people don’t understand my true obsession with the show ’19 Kids and Counting’ and when they find out most people just don’t get it. Now let me tell you why I am so crazy interested in this family. Well number one they are all home schooled and I want to know how that works and they also don’t use the internet much, still very interesting. The most interesting part of their family is the dating that they all have to go through. So far two of them have been married, and Jessa is next on the list. Anyway, the two before her, they never kissed their fiance until their wedding day. Before they got married they could only have chaperoned dates and could only side hug or hold hands. I don’t understand! Shouldn’t you at least kiss? I love how strange it is for me but to them the fact I kiss strangers at bars is probably extremely taboo!

Jessa is my girl and honestly I think that she will break these rules, she seems like that kind of girl. She is sweet as shit but Ben is really hot, how can you not want to give him a forward facing hug? I want to know for real though, first kiss at the wedding? You going to do that Jessa?! Let me know as soon as possible so I can write about that too!

Anyway, big congrats to Jessa Duggard, my personal favorite of the clan, you got yourself a hot husband. Ben Seewald, you are sexy congrats on that.

May you two have an incredible journey together and many attractive children!

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