Hilary Duff Releases Second Single “All About You” After It Was Leaked

Growing up I was one of those girls who disliked Hilary Duff simply because I was jealous of her! I mean she was the coolest, right? Not only did she have her own show but she dated both Aaron Carter and Frankie Muniz, two of the hottest hotties of the time! She also sang the theme song to my absolute favorite reality show, Laguna Beach, yup she had it all going for her.

I must admit hearing her music makes me feel reminiscent of middle school and early high school, then she just stopped until now. Hilary’s first release was “Chasing The Sun” and I wasn’t a huge fan. I was expecting more for her big come back even though it did sound very similar to Sheryl Crow, I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I heard this song and let me tell you, I am a fan.

I think that this whole Hilary Duff comeback is going to be really important to music! I mean that too! I mean everyone has pop covered, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, we need more of the earthy type of songs, like Colbie Caillat. She is in a basically open market! 

Let’s go Hilary, don’t leave me hanging after a few good songs like you did before!

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