Are Sophia Bush & Co-Star Jesse Lee Soffer Dating?

Word on the street is that Sophia Bush is currently in a very hush, hush relationship with her Chicago PD co-star Jesse Lee Soffer. What do I think about this relationship? I am all about this happening for many reasons. The first is that the two of them have absolutely insane chemistry on their show together. The second is that Sophia is being consistent!

I am going to sit here and assume that people are aware that Sophia is pretty notorious for dating her co-stars in the past. Let’s start with the first that most people know actually ended in a divorce, Chad Michael Murray who was on One Tree Hill. To keep up with One Tree Hill she also dated James Lafferty for a short time and then Austin Nichols for a few years. She also dated her co-star Jon Foster, remember that terrible horror movie based on a video game, Stay Alive? It’s okay not many people do, anyway he was in that and they dated for a while.

I have a feeling that they won’t step out as a couple, not for a while at least. They will keep people guessing because it is good for their show. I am not saying that it is a showmance as I like to call it but it could possibly be something to get people to tune in this fall.

If they are in fact a couple congrats to Sophia because Jesse Lee Soffer is an absolute babe. He kind of reminds me of Zac Efron and I do not hate it all.

Sophia you keep doing your thang and dating co-stars, they are around and convenient, they are also usually extremely attractive! You go girl!


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