Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Spotting Making Out In Italy


Well file this thing under things that I wish I could never see. Today I was minding my own business checking out TMZ and boom, this is the first thing that I saw. Well I wasn’t expecting this little hook up that was for sure. I can’t lie, things were a little fishy when they were hanging out in Italy but I didn’t see this coming. It has nothing to do with the nine year age gap either, I mean I thought that Michelle was a lesbian. She has had many different girlfriends in the past and I really thought that was that.

Michelle is easily the luckiest  woman in the world at the moment, that is for sure. She is lounging in Italy with Zac Efron just doing her thing and not giving any fucks what so ever. What does this say about Zac though? He just made her interested in men again, there you go Zac!

I do hope that this isn’t actually a relationship, more of just a little fling thing. Also I hope that Zac is staying on the wagon since Michelle is known for her partying ways.

Let’s hope that within a week I am saying that this little fling is over!

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