Can This Jeremy Meeks Obsession Please Stop?


So for the past week or two women have been going absolutely insane over this mug shot. Stockton, California authorities posted this on their Facebook page to let the public know about people who had recently been arrested and this picture blew up. Women loved it, it got hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and comments. I guess it is true most women love bad boys, right? Wrong. I am here to say that I am absolutely appalled that people are making such a big deal about this convicted felon.

According to reports Meeks has already served time in jail for resisting arrest, being tied to different gangs, and for having illegal firearms. Is that something we want to praise as a nation? Do we want our future generations to see stories about Meeks and how women are falling to their knees for him? I don’t.

There is no question that this picture of Jeremy Meeks is attractive, he has a nice jawline, nice lips, and those eyes are absolutely incredible.

Let’s say that Meeks gets a modeling contract or some kind of reality television show, it is just another way for us to exploit someone who has been called a dangerous criminal and try and make money. I don’t like to pass judgement on people, I really do believe that people can change but if his bail is set at 900,000 dollars, it is clear that these charges are serious.

Also, look at these pictures and see if you still find him attractive. Anyone can take a good photo, that is for sure.



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