Man Crush Monday: Matt McGorry

ImageSo for the past three days instead of going out and enjoying the first nice weekend of the year, I have been binge watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Like any good American would do, right? Well this little cutie plays the cute cop who is about as intimidating as a kitten. Matt McGorry plays the good guy who just so happened to get a prisoner pregnant. In the second season he becomes a little bit more bad ass but I wont get into it for people who didn’t binge watch the show like I did.

I mean he is a man in uniform, how can you resist? He is also a man in a fake uniform so he really can’t get you arrested or anything so that is ever better, right?

Matt McGorry is pretty new on the scene but I think that he will be around for a while. Obviously he has a hit show under his belt, he is good looking, and he is a good actor too. He has a lot going for him and I think that we will see him around for a while. Maybe not in movies but on tv for sure!

I mean I love his little chestnut eyes and pouty lips! Can’t go wrong there!

Happy Monday! May this man crush make your day suck a little less!




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