Man Crush Monday: Aaron Taylor Johnson


I will say that Aaron Taylor Johnson is one of the least talked about hot guys in Hollywood. Number one he is English, he has blue eyes, and he has an incredible body. Why don’t people talk about him more?! If you don’t recognize him you have probably seen him in Kick-Ass or Savages. Well probably mostly Kick-Ass. Oh you might know him because he is only 23 and he has two children with a director who is 47. Yeah he is a dad! DILF, right?

Anyway, Aaron gets the spot this week because I meant to talk about him when Godzilla came out but that didn’t happen. Instead I was side tracked by something else.

I will say that he has all the qualities to be one of Hollywood’s hottest actors and not just because of his looks. He is a good actor, he was incredible in Anna Kerenina! He can play the drug dealing hippie, the geeky guy, or even a soldier!

Hope you all enjoy your man candy today ladies! Let me know if you have any opinions for next week!




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