Did James Franco Try And Hook Up With A Teenager Off Of Instagram?


If you want to read the whole article it is posted right her http://gawker.com/james-franco-tried-to-hook-up-with-a-17-year-old-on-ins-1557491436

Honestly, I believe this story, a lot of people are trying to say that it is all fake and all fabricated but I honestly believe it. To me James Franco is kind of an odd duck, he has always been an odd duck to me. He classifies himself as a poet/actor/artist oh and he has his PhD I believe, or masters, one of those two things.

Anyway James Franco has never had a girlfriend, at least not in the media spotlight, usually by the time an actor is 35 there is at least some buzz about who they are dating. For a while people thought Ashley Benson but that fizzled out after a while. It is just very fishy to me, this whole James Franco character in general.

In the video posted on the website from her Instagram he told her “you gotta tag me” probably because he thought she was hot and wanted to hook up with her. Now I know that in New York 17 is legal but it is still a bit odd to me. Then again this is what most famous people do, I would assume at least.

In the texts he seems a bit aggressive towards her too, obviously she isn’t going think that James Franco is really texting her, anyone can be anyone now a days. Have you ever seen Catfish? She doesn’t want to get killed in an alley because someone said that they were James Franco.

There is a part of me that thinks Franco is still really weird and creepy, then again I would assume that other celebrities have done it too. You see a cute guy or girl and say tag me on social media, they do, so you talk to them. That simple.

This whole thing seems a little off but I could see it being real, Franco gives me the creeps and he always has. Sucks that they can’t even use social media like us normal folk to pick people up though. Maybe next time just try and phone call rather than texting?

What do you think about this story? Real or fake?

Also I am not a huge fan of the Franco brothers looks but wouldn’t most women jump at this chance, whether they are 18 or not?

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3 thoughts on “Did James Franco Try And Hook Up With A Teenager Off Of Instagram?”

  1. The story is real, if you check the chronology of events, dude was genuinely trying to hook up with her. Now probably his PR machine will find a way to blame the girl (like some of his fans are doing already on forums) and say it was a stunt. It was not a stunt. The girl is Scottish and is/was on vacation in NYC, she met him at his play, he liked and he tried to hook up with her within 5min. The guy man got caught, plain and simple. People will argue about the legal consent, but the girl didn’t consent to sex at all, she wanted to make sure it was him, and like a horny teen he was stupid enough to send pics and such.

    1. “Like a horny teen” I love that! I wish I used that in this article! Thank you so much for your comment and I agree with the PR thing, they will try and spin it every which way!

      1. Seriously, they think people are that dumb, and his delusional fans will try to say it was a stunt à la Whack-in Phoenix… nNo, he really did try to get in her pants, not even caring that girl said she was with her mother, saying “should I rent a room?”… because he is a golden boy they will brush it aside, like any creep in Hollyweird.

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