Farrah Abraham Releases A Song And Music Video Called ‘Blowing’

There is nothing worse than this song, I truly mean that. I would rather listen to that weird Kim Kardashian song for 15 hours straight than listen to this song in full one time. This sounds like a person just screaming into a fan to make that robot voice. Let’s be real though, she picked this song title for a reason. Did she really think that ‘Blowing’ wasn’t going to get attention? I don’t know why she is saying blowing these bullies away she could have been so much more creative. She should have sang, ‘I am going to backdoor these bullies and put them on blast’ in honor of her sex tape.

This song is easily one of the worst things that I have ever heard though. I don’t think that there is anything that Farrah could do that would surprise me though, she is trash. Her poor daughter thinks that this is how you spend time with your mom. Just chilling and singing through the meadows about blowing things.

Farrah I hope you stop blowing things, it isn’t cute.

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