How Is Kristin Cavallari Still Relevant?


If you had of asked me ten years ago when Laguna Beach first aired who the big star would be, I would say Lauren Conrad. I have always been team Lauren and always will be. I have to say one thing though, Kristin Cavallari just won’t quit. When she was falling off the radar she swooped in to try and save ‘The Hills’ and then when that ended she ended up getting pregnant by a famous athlete.

I have to say that this girl has some serious hustle, she just doesn’t give any fucks. Even on E! before The Oscars she was talking about fashion! LC runs her own fashion line but nope, there is Kristin Cavallari at the hottest event of the year talking about dresses. I truly just don’t understand how this even happens!

Now I see her at a trending topic on Facebook because she doesn’t want to vaccinate her children! She always has an angle and knows how to work it. I bet that she just sits there still and throws darts at Lauren Conrad’s face because she knows she will never be quiet a power house like Lauren is.

Keep trucking Kristin Cavallari maybe in another 10 years you will finally make it to having your own talk show or something. It wouldn’t surprise me at this rate.

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