Chris Brown Is Finally HeadingTo Jail After Being Kicked Out Of Rehab


Chris Brown is on his way to jail right now, because he violated a judge’s order by getting booted from the rehab facility where he’s been living for nearly 4 months … TMZ has learned.  
The judge in the Rihanna beating case ordered Chris to live in the Malibu rehab facility for 90 days to get anger management therapy, and he completed the stint earlier this month.  BUT … at the last court hearing, the judge modified things and ordered Chris to stay in the facility while the Washington D.C. assault case ran its course.
The deal was this … if Chris left rehab, he would go directly to jail.
Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Brown was thrown out of the rehab facility this morning, for violating “internal rules.”  We do not know precisely what Chris did, but we’re told it did not involve violence or drugs.
Sources tell TMZ … Chris was caught having “an inappropriate relationship” with a female worker at the beginning of the month, but that is NOT why he was thrown out today.
As you recall, Chris was previously thrown out of a different facility for throwing a rock at his mom’s car window.
Chris was picked up by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies a short time ago and is on his way to jail.

This has been a long time coming right? I mean everyone has been waiting for Chris Brown to slip up and end up in jail, at least I have. I still don’t understand why he never got sent to jail for being the absolute shit out of Rihanna. People can say he only punched her once but she needed a whole new nose after he beat the hell out of her, so yeah, don’t be a dick.
I truly believe that Chris Brown is one of the most disgusting people in the entire world, yes, I mean that. You know how certain people really hate Bieber? That is how I feel about Chris Brown, people ask me why I can’t forgive him for beating Rihanna and it is simple. Just because she forgave him doesn’t mean I have to. Plus he isn’t even talented. Sure he can dance like a mianac but he hardly sings life and it is all auto-tuned.
Justin Bieber, this is your future, look out.
Chris Brown I hope you are ready to be someones bitch in jail. Smell ya later!

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