Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Are On A Best Friend Break

ImageWhat is the saying, twos a couple and three is a crowd? Well it looks like Taylor Swift is taking herself out of this weird threesome. There is no question that T.Swift doesn’t like Bieber, not one bit. If you remember at one of the award shows last year when Gomez kissed Justin’s cheek, or whatever way it was, Swift stuck her tongue out. Just straight up disgusted with this display of affection.

This is where you can bring up the whole relationship advice thing. Being a girl, your other friends come to you for relationship advice and when you tell them the truth they get mad, then if you lie, they get mad again! There is no winning. I get why she would be freezing Selena out, she has Lorde, her weird new young friend. Plus she is probably annoyed with how Bieber has been acting and Selena going back to him.

It could be because T.Swift is single and jealous though? Who knows! I know I wouldn’t want my friend dating Bieber who had snuck in and out of an orgy house in Brazil, went to jail, and went to Panama with a random model. Plus he was filmed by a Brazilian prostitute, remember that?

With eye roll and a hair flip, T.Swift is done with this bullshit!

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