Lindsay Lohan Made A List Of Her Famous Lovers!


If you have ever wanted to know who has been in and out of Lindsay Lohan you can now find out! Yeah that was a little big graphic as an opening sentence I’m sorry. Anyway her vagina is basically an entrance for some serious who’s who of Hollywood. Do I believe that InTouch some how ended up with this from a trash at the Beverly Hill Hotel? No, not really but let’s pretend all of these were confirmed.

Wilmer Valderamma is clearly a creepy and slept with Lindsay when she was only like 17, not a good look considering he is still dating members of young Hollywood. He is like the guy from that movie “I keep getting older but they stay the same age” makes me want to vomit. Justin Timberlake though? This one I find kind of hard to believe, I don’t know why I just don’t really think he slept with Lindsay Lohan. There is something about that one that doesn’t sound right. She slept with my boy Efron too? I guess who know where he picked up his coke habit from, joking, kind of.

The list is really interesting and it kind of makes certain men, like JT or Efron, lose their appeal to me. Oh you were hot until I found out you slept with Lindsay Lohan, now you are just dirty as fuck. Joaquin Phoenix though? Can you imagine how weird their sex must have been? Maybe this was when he was going through that phase where he thought he had frogs in his hair or some shit.

I love that some names are blurred out because they are potentially married or were married at the time. Can’t wait for that list to come out.

I also thought that the list would be longer than 36, keeping it under 40 though, proud of you Linds!

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