Who Is The Best Looking Member Of One Direction?

ImageWhat else should I be doing on a slow celebrity gossip day? I refuse to continue to write about the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman so I decided to rank the hottest boyband in the world right now.  Personally I don’t think that they are the best looking boy band ever but they have their thing going.

So from left to right it is Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles.

Now lets start with the judging because I have nothing better to do. I will go from 5 to 1 with of course 5 being the least desirable.

5. Louis Tomlinson – He is for sure the “Howie” of the group, if you don’t get that reference then you are probably too young to be reading my blog. He isn’t ugly but he just isn’t as good looking as the rest of the band. He also hardly sings and has a bit of a weird voice. He also seems to have a really bad attitude which I don’t like one bit!

4. Zayn Malik- He is good looking for sure but he is weird, he is quiet and you can tell he kind of hates being in a boy band, he gets ranked so low for being boring! Plus he is engaged, that means no fun for anyone.

3. Harry Styles- I don’t understand the whole fascination with Harry Styles. He seems like a good time compared to the rest of the guys but he isn’t that hot. He is good looking but not the best looking. ON TO THE NEXT!

2. Niall Horan- I think that I like him because he reminds me of Brian Littrell, yes again if you don’t know who that is you are too young to be on this blog. He ust seems like fun one of out all of them ,playing pranks and shit. plus he looks like a little Irish fairy, gotta love that.

1 Liam Payne- He is by far the most underrated member of this boy band, he is incredible. After youtubing some stuff he is the best singer and the best looking. He is the “JC” of the group. He has a lot of talent but it is being out shined by a certain someone (Harry Styles). Liam you are sexy, don’t let anyone tell you different!

Hope you enjoyed that pointless blog and you have an incredible day!

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18 thoughts on “Who Is The Best Looking Member Of One Direction?”

  1. Ewwww….no….please stop. Zayn is best-looking by a mile….including personality quirks in a contest of who’s best-looking makes no sense whatsoever. I feel for humanity if its not readily apparent that Zayn is best-looking.

  2. you are so wrong!! Louis is an amazing guy…He is talented and his voice maybe isnt the best but ist really good!! I love him ❤ He is really hot!

  3. Shut up ..everyone knows that harry is the most popular and niall is the cutest and liam is the gorgeous and sweet one but he is definitely not the hottest I mean come on and Louis has like the best smile ever and zayn oh zayn he is the hottest he is the sexiest and he is the best singer so please just admit it . He even won 6th of august 2014 on a magazine it said the hottest people alive and zayn was like on the top 5 harry and liam and niall and Louis were a mile away they weren’t There so shut the f*** up

  4. OMG, I love Brian when I was 11. Then I found out he had a wife and kid. Niall doesn’t remind me of him at all though.

  5. EXCUSE ME?! zayn is the 4th in the matter of good looks? have you lost your mind? zayn is the most good looking or handsome person in one direction … what if he’s boring? the question was who is the best looking? it is zayn for sure!

    1. its for your eyes only we have our own opinion and I think all of the members is handsome and I hate your comment because liam is my favorite member

  6. No it isnt! You’re pretty biased obviously. Well i think alot of directioner will agree that harry and zayn will be the top two base on looks. So here’s my rank from least to top. 5:niall 4: liam 3:louis no second for me. Coz zayn and harry are both 1 for me.

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