Should Miley Cyrus Go To Prom With Matt?

So this is the viral video that is going around the internet right now and it is all about this kid Matt looking to go to prom with Miley. In my opinion he isn’t cool enough for Miley. Miley is so wild and crazy, grinding being okay doesn’t mean she will go to a prom! She can twerk there but can she smoke her California green and drink a bottle of Malibu? Nope! She couldn’t do that.

This kid just seems like a major fan. In all of the other prom videos or the military dance videos it seems like people just want celebrities to go with them because they like them. Matt seems to be obsessed with Miley. Did you see him crying at the radio station? Could you imagine how hard he would cry if he got to go to prom with her?

Honestly, I think the idea is very cute and I wish I had the chance to ask someone famous to my prom but Miley ain’t got not time for prom. She is far too busy doing her thing.

So cute video Matt and I am sure you will meet her when she is in Arizona but I think prom is going to be a no, sorry buddy.

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