Man Crush Monday: Usher


Now I know that people will probably think that this is a random ass pick for a man crush Monday but let’s be honest, Usher is perfect. He has an incredible smile, a confidence, and he can sing like no other. There are a few reasons why I chose Usher. The first reason is that The Voice is coming back with him and Shakira on it, perfect. I don’t need to see Cee-lo Green or Christina whatever her last name is on it any longer! Time to see my perfect Usher. Reason number 2 is that last night I watched the Yeah! video and decided that is one of the greatest songs of all time.

Usher is a timeless talent that we will see for years to come, that is something I am sure of. He has a rock hard body, he has an absolutely perfect voice, and look at that smile. Can we also talk about his dance moves and when he was only 21 he dated Chili who was like 7 years older than him, he has something going on down there! That is all I will say about that!

I am sure that there will be people who disagree with me but Usher is one of the sexiest people in the world. Just listening to ‘Burn’ makes me get chills.

Enjoy your man crush of the week!




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