Zak Bagans Buys Indiana Demon Home AKA A Ghost Hunters Dream Home

ImageHere is a link to the whole story if you are interested in the whole story instead of my Spark Notes version.

One of my biggest secrets is that I am obsessed with the show ‘Ghost Hunters’ I would watch it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could! I fucking love that show. I think that it is real and I don’t care what anyone says, ghosts are fucking everywhere! There is probably one or two watching me write this blog right now! Spooky right?

So it was recently reported that Zak Bagans bought this house for 35,000 after the current tenants started to have demonic things happen to them. Apparently the daughter was levitating above the bed and the son was caught crawling on the ceiling. Can you imagine how jealous Lionel Richie must have been hearing about this little bitch crawling on the ceiling? All Lionel wants to do his dance on the ceiling. Okay back to the story at hand!

It is obvious why Zak Bagans bought this house, he is a dude who loves paranormal shit, ‘Ghost Adventures’ is all about that life. Zak said that he is going to record himself living in that house, not sure for how long though.

I am genuinely worried for Mr. Bagans because number one, he could become possessed! Can you fucking imagine if that happened? On the show he seems to be very accepting to ghosts so if he lived in a hell house obviously he would be pretty open to them .He also has a dog, nothing can happen to that little pup!

Good Luck Zak and if you ever need a cuddle buddy you know where to find me!

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