The Wanted Have Decided To “Take a Break”


It is time for all music lovers to rejoice since The Wanted have finally decided to stop making music! Yes! I mean if your E! reality show gets cancelled you probably don’t have much going for you anyway. Let’s be honest though this band was one of the worst boy bands of all time and I mean that. The fucking worst.

To start off these guys tried to have a fist fight with One Direction, fuck you guys, at least their music is good. Oh the bald one also fucked Lindsay Lohan, atrocious, and the weird elf looking one dated Ariana Grande. Then the kind of attractive one with black spikey hair was engaged, and the other two are not attractive. What did they think they were going to do? You could only do so many versions of the same song. ‘Glad you Came’ wasn’t the worst song in the world, the rest of their songs were though. ‘Walks like Rihanna’ what the fuck was that?That was the best song you could think of? There are five of you! At least one needs to have a brain.

The nail in this coffin was when they tried to make fun of the two boy band legends, the two bands that made boy bands cool in the 90’s. Backstreet Boys and Nsync, don’t you even try to think you are better than them. Fuck you guys!

So let me make myself clear, I am not glad you came but I am beyond happy that you are finally leaving. They will probably try and make a come back but by that time no one will care about them.

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