Well Hello There Nick Jonas


So I have a real question for everyone, when the fuck did Nick Jonas get hot? I mean seriously, this guy is good looking now. He is the best looking out of the Chia Pet brothers that is for sure! I was just trolling through random websites and found out that he was on an episode of Hawaii 5-0, cool let me google that too! Then I found this pictures. Well damn Nick Jonas puberty was good to you.

Now I am a bit old for the Jonas Brothers, I was never a huge fan of them or anything. I thought they were all ugly. Kevin Jonas is somehow married even though him and his wife probably share the same skinny jeans. Joe Jonas is a hopeless wanna be that will never be. Then there is this little one, Nick Jonas. You beautiful little man! Yes, I approve of you!

So here you go readers, look at how much this guy grew up, proud of you Nick Jonas! Keep eating whatever you are eating because let me tell you, it is working for you.



PS…Demi Lovato, date this guy. You two would be beautiful together.

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