Miley Diddles Cyrus in Adore You video

ImageSo for anyone who has listened to Adore You it is a really lovely song and slow and nothing like any of the other songs on Bangerz. Apparently the music video is supposed to be a sex tape type feel which I am confused about. I mean is she supposed to be getting off and filming it while thinking about someone? I am just truly confused by it all.

Here is what I am sick of when it comes to new music videos, they all try and be artistic. Remember back in the day when it was all about dancing and shit? Yeah! I liked those days! This song is about love. Pretend like you are in love bitch! Sorry Miley, that was rude, I didn’t mean to cuss at you Queen Cyrus.

Anyway, I will watch this video the second it comes out then probably look away from it over and over again. I don’t understand her need to be naked lately, honey you are beautiful fully clothed, just so ya know!

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